Your Students Will Love MindPoint Quiz Show!

MindPoint® Quiz Show presents ExamView® questions in a fun and engaging game show format. Students receive instant feedback (while having a hilariously competitive time), and teachers can track performance with a variety of reports. Quiz Show has graphics that appeal to elementary and middle school students, while its sister product Quiz Show SE is designed to appeal to older students (sample screens attached).

Mindpoint Quiz Show

The Quiz Show software works with ExamView tests and questions banks, as well as with CPS IR and RF response pads (Windows only). Both Quiz Show and Quiz Show SE are priced at $39 for individual teacher licenses or $699 for a building license.

Contact us if you would like to see a demo of MindPoint® Quiz Show!


17 Responses to Your Students Will Love MindPoint Quiz Show!

  1. dojo658 says:

    I needed MindPointQuizShow for a long time! Jeez! 😦

  2. Hiwot says:

    I love Mind Point quiz show! We do it at school and i wanted to see if it was online!!!

  3. sarah says:


    i really loveeeeeeeee QUIZ SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kjoker619 says:

    i love mindpoint quiz show it helps me study at school

  5. Isabel says:

    I have the math version of MindPoint Quiz Show and LOVE it… is there other subject versions? Looking for science

    Thank you!

  6. lisa says:

    my class form aurora loves this game ever!!!!!!!!

  7. i want to play it alot

  8. Anuhska says:

    i just love mind point quiz show

  9. Cynthia says:

    I’m watching an adult present/play this in a technology class & would never let a child play it. Every wrong answer has an insult for feedback, and children can compare their scores to their peers’. WHY???

  10. Khulood says:

    It helps me at school for studyding and is really fun funny!!!!!I promise!!

  11. someone that you don't need to know says:

    i love the mind point quiz we do it at school all the time ti study and it works very well we have most of the questions that are on there on the test that we end up having to take lol 🙂 it is a great study guide!!

  12. Someone that you do not need to know says:

    The price is a little high. The problems are good though and I like how they do it! Over all I think it is good.

  13. dionicia says:

    i love mind point quiz show

  14. keke says:

    we had fun at school with the mindpoint quiz show and um today we won and we all got some starburst from our teacher aint dat good huh yeah we 1500 all questions right

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